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Terms & Conditions

Before registering your profile on PolishSouls  we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the details of its rules and procedures. During the registration process you will be asked to accept this Terms & Conditions. If for any reason you don't agree  with any of the following points of this document you cannot register Your profile on PolishSouls .

  • §1

    Web Service PolishSouls here referred to as service  is  an  user presentation system by content, supplied on a voluntary basis,  in the form of photographs and other information that you include in your profile on PolishSouls. In order to present your person to other users of service.



    Registration and participation in service are free. All paid functions of the service shall be applied  only with the consent of the user after the payment to the administrators account .


1. Refunds

Payments for Premium or Vip accounts are refundable in situation where web service PolishSouls will cease providing services covered by Premium and Vip packages to the User of service. This means situation when Premium or Vip user can’t send or receive messages or use other functions covered by Premium or Vip Packages. In this situation the amount of refund will correspond to time remaining until the end of the period of subscription.  

Payments are non-refundable in the event of a breach of Terms & Conditions by the User of service.

2. Cancellation

Premium or Vip accounts can only be activated for a period of one , three, six or twelve months or  unlimited access to all service features without a time limit.

Premium or VIP account will be not be renewed automatically. 

When you delete  your account at PolishSouls, subscription is automatically cancelled.


  • §3

    Owner and administrator of web service available under PolishSouls is the company Dating Data ltd registered at 20-22 Wenlock Road London N17GU. Terms and Conditions of service was created in accordance with  GB law, therefore any legal issues related to the service  shall be settled under the law of the Great Britain.

  • §4

    All content provided by service users are subject to legal protection. User personal data administrator is the owner of service: Dating Data ltd registered at 20-22 Wenlock Road London N17GU. Each user has the right to access to their data and the right to edit  data supplied by them. Deleting of account at PolishSouls is the same as asking the service owner to discontinue processing of data  by service PolishSouls. 

  • §5

    All Regulations are subject to change by service owner without giving a reason before applying these changes. Information on  changes will be published on a regular basis in Service PolishSouls in the News section. Amendments to the rules and procedures shall be placed in a standardized form .

  • §6

    The owner of service is not in any way responsible for content published by users in the service PolishSouls   as well as  for events that may take place in the real world between users that had met through PolishSouls.

  • §7

     The owner of service reserves the right to  total or partial disabling the Service or some of its functions for maintenance purposes  without prior informing the users.  

  • §8

    It is prohibited without the written consent of the owner of service:  copying, reproduction or any other use in whole or fragments of content available through service under PolishSouls. By such content is meant: user pictures, parts of text provided by the users, parts of text supplied by the owner service , videos, code of website

  • §9

    Do not exchange contact details in any form outside service area available for premium users.  Repeated violations of this rule by the user will result in account suspension or permanent cancellation.

  • §10

    It is prohibited to upload pornographic content to the service. By such content is meant for example photos showing your bare chest and barbaric comments in the description of profile or in communication with other users of service.  

  • §11

    Any commercial activities like advertising of products, sending links to products or sites that offer products not directly related to the nature of service PolishSouls. is prohibited .

  • §12

    Do not publish content that infringes  decency and moral standards and  content associated  with discrimination against  religion,  race, ethnicity, profession,  sexual orientation.

  • §13

    To use the service PolishSouls you need a working computer with access to the Internet or Smartphone equipped with  a  web browser. In addition to proper equipment to use the service you must have basic internet navigation skills - using a web browser. The owner of service shall not be responsible or liable for errors in maintenance of user account created as a result of the lack of ability to use a web browser or defective or incompatible computer hardware or software that you use to connect to the service .

  • §14

    Main profile picture must present the current appearance of service user. Photography must allow easy identification in the real world- It must be a clear picture of your face . Not adhering to this condition will result in account suspension.

  • §15

    The owner of service PolishSouls is not responsible for the authenticity of information given by service users in the posted photographs.  The owner of service has no possibility to verify these data as to the compatibility with facts.

  • §16

    The owner of service PolishSouls ensures that every effort has been made to provide the service work continuously and without interruption. The owner of service shall not be liable for any interference caused by users or third parties.

  • §17

    Web Service PolishSouls is designed for adults  over 18 years old. Persons below this age shouldn't use the service without supervision of an adult. 

Completion of the registration process on PolishSouls means that statement below is accepted by service user:

I have read and accepted the content of this Terms & Conditions. Any personal information such as my image on provided photographs and other information shall be forwarded to the service PolishSouls on a voluntary basis and I agree to make my image public . This means that unlimited circle of users of service may have insight to these data. I agree on processing now and in the future of data provided by me to the service by the owner of service: company Dating Data ltd registered at 20-22 Wenlock Road London N17GU, means any data provided during the registration process and any data provided during editing of my account. I agree to receive commercial information from owner of service and its partners.